About Galway Open Coffee


Galway Open Coffee meets informally once a month. We generally meet at 11am on a Saturday and discuss over coffee and tea – the Web, internet and technology happenings in Galway and further afield. Everyone is welcome to come along.

The venue changes from time to time and is announced each month as to where it it will be located. Open Coffee Galway is a way to connect with people in Galway and small businesses involved in the tech sector on the West coast of Ireland.

Speakers are also very welcome to give interesting talks. Please leave a message if you are interested in giving a talk. Talks aren’t held every month but are announced as to when and where they will be held via the blog and Twitter. Please feel free to come along. Watch out for updates via Twitter or other social media channels as to where it will be held next !


2 Comments to “About Galway Open Coffee”

  1. Cian Gallagher 27 January 2011 at 12:22 pm #

    Dear Galway Open Coffee Club,

    I was referred to your organisation through the Limerick MilkLabs group with the aim that perhaps some of your members may have an interest in this idea which I have been attempting to promote for Galway city:


    Based on the success of the Dublin bikes scheme with over 30,000 registered users to date, and also the other great on-street bike rental services in cities around the world, it has been my belief for some time that Galway would be ideally suited to a similar service.

    I wonder if your members and friends might agree?

    What I am asking of people at present is that they “like” the page link and perhaps suggest it to friends or interested people and hopefully, in this manner, we may build enough support for the eventual introduction of the service.

    If you like the idea an think that it may be of interest to the club I would be very willing to come and discuss or talk to people about the service and see what everyone thinks about it.

    Would love to hear from you.

    Kind regards,


  2. Ina 24 February 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    Hi Cian,

    I will forward it onto all the Open Coffee Galway members.
    We think its a great idea!

    Open Coffee Galway