September Open Coffee



September Open Coffee Galway will be held at Webworks building, Fairgreen Galway (beside the coach station) this Friday at 11am.

Henry Story will give a short talk/discussion on the emerging Social Web.

Henry was until recently Social Web Architect at the late Sun Microsystems (now Oracle). Before joining Sun he developed the BabelFish machine translation service at AltaVista in the late 1990ies.

He has been working on blogging tools, specs (Atom), and recently on the emerging Social Web.

The Talk: Current Social Networks are centralised: members can only “friend” other members of the network. But why? With a telephone one can call people the whole world over independently of the network operator used. With email you can send a message to the whole world. So why can we not connect across networks? This would allow users to control their data much better, something which for many individuals and organisations is vital.

In this talk Henry Story will explain both where the problem lies, and how it can be solved, leading to the emergence of a wholly new web ecosystem.

Hope to see you there


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    Damn, that’s another one I can not make. Hopefully October will prove more of a success :-) )

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